Driven By Revenge

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About Driven By Revenge

Driven By Revenge

Release Date: July, 2011
Rating: R

Year    :   July, 2011
By    :   Vic Bradford
Slogan    :   «Family Will Be Family»
Genre    :   Action/Drama
Time    :   30 min.
Budget    :   N/A
Age    :   18+

The story of 3 bothers trying to live a normal existence with their mother's everyday struggles and the trappings the city presents in the urban setting. One brother is a victim of circumstance... The other.... revenge.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

Nominated at the Action On International Film Festival

Produced and Directed by Master June Do, A very amazing and talented actor winning (Best Villian, and Best Breakout Actor) in a short film at the Action On International Film Festival.

  • The storyline is very touching
  • The fight scenes are remarkable
  • This is a must see movie
  • Looking out for family is whats important

//He made an oath to protect. But they push him to his limit.

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I Really enjoyed the film, The action was really good and the story line.
This film served as great entertainment with its colorful cast and numerous plot twists.
Driven By Revenge, is well worth a few hours of your time.

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One brother is a victim of circumstance... The other.... revenge.

Main Actors

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Sam Puefua

Sam Puefua is an actor and producer, known for Abstraction (2013), The Bunglers (2012) and Gladstone (2017). Los Angeles, Ca

Triny Levine

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Vic Bradford

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I loved the film, I recommend everyone go and check it out.


I enjoy watching Sam Puefua he is such an amazing actor.